Grow a Pair Coconut Cup and Accessory Holder For Your Beach Cruiser


All natural, 100% hand made, hand carved and painted GROW a PAIR coconut cup and accessory holder for your beach cruiser/bicycle or beach chair.  All are assembled in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.   


These are one-of-a-kind for two reasons; first, they are the only coconut cup holders with the Grow a Pair logo.  Second, each coconut is unique and will vary in size, shape and natural blemishes.  But don't worry, they all hold your drinks!!!  


Add a beverage koozie that fits inside the coconut for only $2.00 more. 

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  • Ships within 1-3 days

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All the way from Southeast Asia, GROW a PAIR has found a small village of wonderful people that take pride in their work.  Hand designing and creating the GROW a PAIR coconut cup holder is a very complex process.


First, the coconuts have to be harvested.  This takes a lot of work and energy to manually climb the coconut tree, cut the coconuts and gently lower them down to the ground, sometimes 20-30 feet below. They have to be slowly lowered so that the coconuts do not break or get damaged. 


Once harvested, they are carried by hand back to be inspected.  Each coconut is inspected and sorted based on its size, shape and skin quality.  Only the best coconuts are selected!

Each coconut is hand carved.  There are no machines.  Every piece of the coconut is used.  The outside husk is used for fuel.  The coconut water and meat inside is used for food.  There is no waste.  

Once carved, the coconuts husks are placed outside to dry.  Special care is taken to make sure they do not have any moisture in them so that they are ready for the next step, engraving and more carving.

After the coconuts are dried, they are then individually hand engraved with the GROW a PAIR logo.  After the engraving cools, the coconuts are carved around the logo to give it a 3-dimensional effect.  

The next step is to smooth out the coconut.  Each one is hand sanded and inspected to make sure there are no defects in the coconut or the design.

The only time a machine is used in the entire process is to smooth out the inside of the husk.  

Each coconut is manually inspected to make sure the GROW a PAIR logo is clear and distinct.

Each coconut is hand painted to ensure special quality and detail.  Then the coconuts are set outside to dry again.  


The production of the GROW a PAIR coconut cup holder is very complex and inspected at every step of the way.  The entire process takes about a month from harvesting to packaging.


We are very proud to work with our friends in Southeast Asia and help them earn an honest living to take care of themselves and their families.  We hope you appreciate their efforts and enjoy your coconut cup holder!!!

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